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Mi Hermano & Yo


Raúl y Benjamín Velazquez were born and raised in Mexico. Passionate about their culture and heritage, the two brothers immigrated to the United States over 24 years ago and have been working in the food service industry ever since. They both have learned and mastered every position there is in a restaurant from dishwashing to managing restaurants. Ben and Raul have a wide range of experience, having worked for a large corporation restaurant as well as a local chain for many years. Their goal was always to one day open a restaurant of their own to share their culture and love for food with others but as immigrants, it was not easy to find the resources to fulfill their dream.

Los Fuertes


Tequila is an authentic take on Mexican cuisine, with bold flavors straight from Mexico. What sets Tequila apart from the rest is the dedication to fresh local ingredients and attention to detail. You are sure to get food that makes you feel like you are in Mexico.


“A beber y a comer vinimos, alegres estamos; por favor...así sigamos.” 


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